I must have ADHD!

I must have ADHD!
April 23, 2017 thehoppergroup
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“I must have ADHD!”
Many people use this term to describe inattentiveness or distraction.
To be clear, some folks who use this term indeed have ADHD, while others suffer from primary mood or anxiety disorders.
As Stephen Stahl, a prominent researcher in psychiatry, reminded attendees at the recent annual Harvard Psychopharmacology class in Boston, symptoms can cut across many diagnostic categories.
In other words, inattentiveness can be a part of several conditions-each requiring a bit different approach.
Treatment modalities can also have consequences.  Controlled stimulants are highly regulated, and can be inconvenient for the patient in terms of refill management.  These medications can also affect cardiac measures such as blood pressure and pulse.  Over time, if these measures are elevated, heart issues can arise.  Immediate release (IR) agents (also known as “short acting”) can be abused.  Some individuals can find themselves using combination medications to “get up,” then “back down.”
Be sure your provider has appreciated any past history of substance use that you might have had, has done a thorough workup (including testing) for ADHD, has screened for cardiac conditions, educates you about blood pressure monitoring, and sees you back in appropriate intervals to assess your status.
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