Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is your policy on privacy and confidentiality?

    Treatment is private and confidential. You have the right to decide with whom any medical information is shared.

  • When should I consider psychiatry or psychotherapy services?

    Some individuals don’t realize that psychiatric care involves psychotherapeutic techniques in addition to potential medications as appropriate. The Hopper Group discusses comprehensive methods, including medications and psychotherapy, to deal with mood, anxiety, and concentration.

  • Are your psychiatric services covered by my insurance plan?

    Psychiatric care is often covered by insurance. Patients may additionally have “out of network benefits” if providers are not contracted with some insurance companies.

    We “opt out” of Medicare and are not a Medicaid provider.

  • What can I expect during my first appointment?

    A multidimensional evaluation to assess past history, current issues, and significant influences promoting health and illness are all part of the first visit. A plan is developed for next steps after this evaluation.

  • Can I get medication on my first visit?

    Medications are often prescribed with provider consent and after discussion of other potential approaches to the patient’s situation.

  • How long will I be in treatment?

    Length of treatment varies. For those individuals who have never had any past emotional issues, and for those who have modest symptoms, treatment may last several months. For those with recurrent problems, some form of maintenance treatment (medication or psychotherapy) may be in order on an ongoing basis.

  • How long are sessions?

    Sessions vary based on extent of problems and the goals and tasks of each session. Typically, after the initial 1 hour evaluation, follow up visits can be delivered in 20 to 30 minute visit intervals. Exceptions usually exist when some level of dangerousness exists in a patient’s presentation.

  • How often are visits?

    The Hopper Group treats assertively and frequently until symptoms reach acceptable levels of recovery. Maintenance sessions can stretch up to three months when recovery is established.

  • What are your exclusive psychiatric services?

    Our outcomes-measured approach is not a universal standard. We assertively treat to promote outcomes.

  • What is your availability?

    Our clinic is open each day of the workweek. We are available via our answering service at all times for urgent issues.

  • What are your fees/payment?

    Our clinic has a very reasonable private pay rate. Call us to discuss.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We understand emergencies might happen. Please cancel/reschedule your appointment within 24 business hours to avoid charges. Repeated cancellations or “no show” appointments will result in a charge.

  • How soon can I make an initial appointment?

    We believe patients reach out because they need help. Our initial appointment wait times generally vary between one and three weeks.

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***PLEASE NOTE: This method of communication is used solely for delivery of non-urgent appointment requests and is unmonitored. Please direct all other communication to The Hopper Group by calling the office at 817-274-8800. If you are experiencing an emergency contact your local emergency medical provider, or call 911.